Easy to Install

ArtWall is a pre-finished Modular Architectural Wall Panel System using perforated MDF (PerfBoard) as an alignment and mounting substrate. Patent Pending ArtWall wall panels are manufactured using sheet goods with finishes ranging from high pressure laminates, wood veneers, lacquers and resins.


ArtWall can be accessorized with materials such as stainless steel, acrylic, lumber, reclaimed products, etc. Customized systems incorporate your choice of finishes, configurations, accessories and lighting elements. Acoustical, tack-able and writable finishes bring function to your ArtWall.


ArtWall utilizes a patent pending installation method that produces consistent vertical, horizontal, diagonal and curved reveals. The mounting substrate is a custom PerfBoard System with pre-drilled mounting holes that align with the pre-drilled holes of each ArtWall component.


ArtWall components and substrates are available in materials meeting the industry's standard for FSC certification, no added urea-formaldehyde and Class A Flame Spread Ratings. ArtWall products can qualify your next project for LEED credits and will meet USGBC standards.


ArtWall is designed and manufactured in our Los Angeles facility using modern CNC machinery. ArtWall can be boxed and shipped to all seven continents. Standard two week lead time on most products.

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